Bipolar Symptoms in Men: How to Know You Are Bipolar?

Bipolar is a mental illness that can trigger in any part of your life, it does not see age, sex or creed. Even though it is pretty much evident in women, but the main targets of this disease are men. People with Bipolar syndrome can be a little scary, especially man. Bipolar symptoms in men are very evident because men are also extrovert and people can always tell if they have any problems. Given below are a few bipolar symptoms in men whom you should know.

As it is also called depressive disorder, the first symptom is depression. You would always be gloomy and moody. You would feel depressed for anything and this will make you cranky, and you would start to get stressed over nothing at all. You will start to have phases when you will be empty of all emotions, and you will not be able to pull yourself out of it at all. Pessimism will be etched on your face, and you will start feeling hopeless all the time.

Another few bipolar symptoms  are that you would start feeling very vulnerable. Every little thing will start to hurt your feeling; you will start to feel guilty with no reason at all. You will start feeling that you are worthless. You will lose interest in your all-time favorite things; you would also be separating yourself from the crowds, and you could trigger your anger very easily. You will start having reckless behavior, and you will do dangerous things at times.

Your vitality will decrease, and you will be exhausted very easily. You will be slowing down, and you will be having problems with making decisions, paying attention, concentration and recalling things. You would be over sleeping at times, or else you will have trouble sleeping in the morning. Sometimes, you would not be able to sleep at all. You would start to lose your weight and your appetite; you would think about dying a lot.

Suicide is one of the common bipolar symptoms in men. They try to commit suicide and fail while some are successful. You will be easily annoyed, and you will get restless. You will have a constant headache. Your whole body will be protesting all the time because it will be painful, and you will have digestion problems. And the worst part is that digestion medication will not be able to help you. These were some basic bipolar symptoms in men; if you see any friend or family member acting like this, then you should get him medical help fast!


Bipolar Symptoms In Men

Bipolar symptoms in men



Bipolar traits routine check up of a population suffering from depression revealed numerous cases of  Bipolar symptoms in men. Between twenty to twenty five percent of the patients with depressive disorders develop hypomania or mania usually most of the switches from unipolar to bipolar mode occur within a time interval of five years.


Causes of Bipolar symptoms in men:

Bipolar symptoms in men could be due to bipolar type 1 or bipolar type 2 which are caused mainly by several factors including: – genetically factors or behavioral factors or psychological factors , also drugs could induce bipolar disorders.

Bipolar symptoms in men:

-  Mood is mostly elevated and irritable
-  Talk or speech is fast , pressurized and there is flight of the ideas
-  Energy is very excessive
-  Ideas for a bipolar patient is grandiosity , self confidence , delusions power or wealth.
-  Cognition — > disturbance of memory register
-  Physical condition : have difficulty falling or staying asleep ( called insomnia or sleeplessness )
-  Behavior — > disinhibition , hyper sexuality , excessive spend.
-  Hallucations — > auditory hallucations mainly.


Types of Bipolar symptoms in men:

Manic psychosis:
-  Elevated mood mildly irritable and hostility commonly encoutered. -colorfully dressed fluent unstoppable speech.
-  Total lack of insight , accelerated mental activity ( flight of ideas racing of thoughts ); progressive into frank delusions.

Mixed state :
-  A patient of depressive and manic states ( e.g racing of thoughts and ideas during a depressive mood , paroxysm ). – incidence 30 % of all bipolar disorders.
-  Excited mood with crying .
-  Racing thoughts.

Depressive mixed state:
-  These are weakly manifested hypo manic states that are regarded as depressive episodes purely
-  Treatment using anti depressive drugs may aggravate the state by producing a sub acute irritable depressive state.:

Clinincal types of depression in Bipolar
1 – Depression as a normal reaction to stress , which passes by 5 stages .
2 – Pharmacogenic depression type .
3 – Organic depression type .

Treatment of Bipolar Symptoms in men:

Acute mania :
- Often presents as social emergency.
- Stop any anti depressant drugs being taken.
- Usually treated by a typical antipsychotic drugs , ( lithium or valporate would fulfill the crisis ) .
- A severe episode is best treated with a blend of lithium and a neuroleptic being with drum along two to three weeks and treatment course may require up to 3 to 4 months .

- Usually given as the first line of treatment in the presence of suicide or severe retardation.
- Indicated also in drug failure
- In pregnancy and old age its safer to start by ECT then the drugs in Manic depression symptoms.

Maintenance therapy:
- Most manias occur as a part of a recurrent bipolar disorders, maintenance therapy with “lithium” should be initiated often and classic bipolar episodes.
- Antidepressant should never be used during prophylaxis unless break through depression is severe , by the way anti cumulate may be easier to use than lithium.

Psychotherapy :
- Support of family history members is obligatory to prevent major episodes.
- Patients should precipitate in group therapy in which they learn about bipolar disorder and its social sequels

- Drugs cured Bipolar 1 vs Bipolar 2 which is hardly controlled using drugs.
- Individual psychotherapy may help patients with Bipolar symptoms in men to deal with daily events.

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